Photo credit: Leslie the Pony Lion and Amy. Photo © Sara Muskulus

Financial Information and Filings

Playa del Fuego, Inc. (dba FirePony Creative Society) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered in Maryland.

Annual Reports:

Playa del Fuego 2018 Annual Report
Playa del Fuego 2017 Annual Report
Playa del Fuego 2016 Annual Report
Playa del Fuego 2015 Annual Report

Annual Reports:

2019 – Playa del Fuego Afterburn Report

Financial Reports:

2019 PDF Profit & Loss Statement
2018 Profit & Loss Statement
2017 Profit & Loss Statement
2016 Profit & Loss Statement
2015 Profit & Loss Statement
2014 Profit & Loss Statement
2013 Profit & Loss Statement

IRS Filings:

2016 990 EZ
2015-990 EZ
2014-990 EZ
2013-990 EZ
2012-990 EZ
2011-990 EZ
2010-990 EZ
2009-990 EZ
2008-990 EZ
2007-990 EZ

Official Nonprofit Filings

Our entire application to the IRS for nonprofit recognition. It includes corporate charter and bylaws, as well as the IRS app itself.

Our initial IRS response granting us provisionally approved status in 2003, with final determination after five years of operations.


PDF_Bylaws 2013_10_7(Last Updated Oct 7, 2013)

TRADE NAME – Certified Copy (February 14, 2018)2018 FPCS Annual Report