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Community Art and Civic Engagement Program: Grants

The 2023 Mid-Alantic Leadership Conference has been allocated $1,500 to distribute a FirePony Creative Society Community Art and Civic Engagement grant. Applications for this opportunity are now closed.

CACE Grant Purpose

The FirePony Creative Society* Community Art and Civic Engagement (CACE) grant program seeks to fund highly interactive, innovative, community-driven projects and works of art which prioritize community involvement as part of the development, creation and presentation or execution. Specifically, the CACE grant program supports and funds artists and organizations around the mid-Atlantic region in their efforts to create art and projects that are accessible to the public, civic in scope and invites action and participation. The program encourages art that can be experienced in more ways than visually – art that is touched, heard or experienced as well as viewed. The program also encourages projects that prioritize sustainability for the community and its members.


More About the CACE Grant Program

One of the goals of FPCS is to help facilitate and extend the Burning Man culture or burner ethos beyond Burning Man and our regional events and into the Mid-Atlantic region. Our path to this goal is to help create a spark by funding interactive, community-driven creations and projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

 NOTE: The CACE Grant program supports those who create art outside of Burning Man and other regional events.


CACE Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this grant fund art destined solely for Burning Man or a Burning Man Regional event?

A: No, this program DOES NOT support art and projects created solely for Burning Man or Burning Man regional events. The primary goal of the CACE Art grant program is to extend art and the burner ethos to the public and public spaces where everyone has access and can learn.  

Q: What types of art and projects does the CACE Grant program fund?

A: The CACE Grant program supports and funds art and projects in local Mid-atlantic communities that prioritize community involvement in the development and creation and/or have a sustainable impact. This includes community driven interactive art installations, community service and the sharing of ideas and skills. Examples include community based projects such as park cleanups, programs to provide food to those in need and providing public art education such as programs to supplement art education in the school systems..

Q: Who can apply for an art grant?

A: Applicants may apply as an individual or as an organization. Organizations must be a registered non-profit in the US in good standing. Click here for more details and additional requirements on ‘Eligibility’ and who can apply..

Q: How much money can I ask for?

A:  For this unique CACE Grant Opportunity with the Mid-Atlantic Leadership Conference, the cap is $1,500 and there is no matching fund requirement.

For other CACE grant opportunities, the maximum amount awarded by the CACE Grant program is $4000 with anything over $2000 requiring matching funds. Minimum request is $250. Click here for more information on ‘Grant Award Amounts and Matching Fund Requirements’.

Q: What costs are allowable or allowable when requesting grant funds?


Examples of Allowable Costs:

Materials, Insurance, Engineering, Shipping, Fabrication and Installation Services, Permits, Artists’ Fees, Copyright Registration, Plaque and Dedication Costs, and Photographic Documentation. 

Examples of Unallowable Costs:

Community Art and Civic Engagement Grants may not be used to purchase food and beverages, fund colleges, universities or other government agencies, or purchase individual pieces of equipment or tools over $100. Funds may also not be used for direct fundraising, or promotional efforts.

Q: What are the criteria for awarding grants?

A: The following areas will be used to evaluate the application submissions, artistic work samples and other support materials: 

  1. Community Impact and Civic Engagement: 25% 
  2. Artistic Merit and Project Significance: 20% 
  3. Level of Community Participation in Planning and Execution: 20% 
  4. Artist Experience and Financial & Managerial Capability: 15%
  5. Level of Budget Viability: 10%
  6. Demonstration of Unique Ideas: 10%

The selection process will also take into consideration general standards of decency and respect for the diverse beliefs and values of the American public consistent with The National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities Act, as amended in 1990. 

FirePony Creative Society is not obligated to fund any projects during any grant cycle.

Q: What should I expect if I’m awarded a grant?

A: The payment schedule for each grant is specific to the project and based on the timeline submitted in the application. Firepony is committed to working with each artist and/or artist group to arrive at a schedule that best suits the needs of the artist(s) and the project. Click here for ‘Fund Distribution Examples’ and ‘Reporting Requirements’.

Q: Do awardees have to pay taxes on CACE Art Grants?

A: Grant awards such as this are often considered taxable income to the recipient, at least in any amount in excess of the project’s costs. We will send both you and the IRS a form 1099 documenting the grant payments. We cannot offer any tax advice or information. Please consult a tax professional if you have any tax questions.