Photo credit: Leslie the Pony Lion and Amy. Photo © Sara Muskulus

Community Art and Civic Engagement Program Overview

The FirePony Creative Society Community Art and Civic Engagement program builds on the vision and mission of the FirePony Creative Society organization.

This program seeks to help attract, inspire, and nurture a diverse community in order to celebrate and encourage year-round experiments in the creation of art, a culture of play, and the collective sharing of ideas and skills.

We’re doing this in three ways:


The grant program supports and funds artists and organizations around the mid-Atlantic region in their efforts to develop and execute highly interactive, innovative, community-focused and community-driven projects. Applicants may apply as an individual or as an organization. Organizations must be registered as a non-profit in the US to qualify.  The current maximum grant is $4k. Grants above $2k include a matching grant requirement. Learn more about the grants program.


We’ll provide resources, training and networking to enable artists and art and civic engagement focused organizations to learn, share knowledge, build relationships and audiences, and to share and explore new approaches that enhance their operational and creative practice. Examples may include developing a learning track of workshops to be presented at a conference such as MALC or others, or providing tools to network and share knowledge. 


Through targeted Programming, CACE will offer a range of programs that promote knowledge sharing, leadership, inclusion, equity, civic participation and engaged learning. CACE promotes developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make a difference. Example programming may include sponsoring the MALC (the Mid-Atlantic Leadership Conference), and driving Diversity and Inclusion Efforts such as Race Relations Town Halls and Know Your Pronoun dialogues. We anticipate that these efforts will be done in partnership and collaboration with other organizations in the region. 

We encourage artists and organizations that share a passion for the burner ethos and demonstrate a commitment to bringing participatory, interactive art, or forward-thinking collaborative projects to their communities to get involved.


We’re actively recruiting motivated, reliable, creative and professional folks to join our volunteer team. Whether you have two hours a month or two hours a day to give, we have ways for you to get involved!

We’re looking for program admins, communication volunteers, fundraising gurus, project review and grant allocation team members, programing and training team members, and partnership development leads.

Contact us at caceprogram (at) firepony dot org, and let’s talk about how best to connect you interests with things that need doing.

Current CACE team members:

  • Millie McMillan
  • Damian Masterson
  • Patty Simonton
  • Tiffany Wolf