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Conduct Committee

The Conduct Committee is guided by the FirePony Creative Society Code of Conduct, as established by the Board of Directors. The Conduct Committee goals are to help foster a safer environment for community members at all FPCS-sponsored events, limit FPCS’s liability, and ensure the sustainability of sponsoring community events.

The types of reports and complaints that are handled include but are not limited to:  non-consensual dosing, threats of violence, sexual assault, physical assault, abuse of power, and unsafe behaviors both at FirePony Creative Society sponsored events that threaten event safety and continuity, as well as incidents at any other time or place that are a concern to community members.

If you wish to report an incident, please visit FirePony Creative Society Conduct Incident Policies & Process for FAQ and instructions.




Conduct Committee Structure and Responsibilities

The FPCS Conduct Committee is made of volunteer community members selected by the FirePony Creative Society Board of Directors.

The committee will be led by a Committee Chair who will be the liaison between the Conduct Committee and the FirePony Creative Society Board of Directors. The Community Chair will also receive reports from the community and assign cases to committee members as necessary.

The responsibilities of the Conduct Committee include:

  • Resolve reports by making recommendations to the FPCS Board of Directors
  • Refine the Conduct Committee Investigatory Philosophy and Procedure for investigation of reports under the FPCS Code of Conduct
  • Suggest changes, when needed, to the Code of Conduct to the Board of Directors
  • Investigate reports in a thorough, confidential, and respectful manner
  • Understand the FPCS Warning and Ban Policy
  • Current conduct committee members will review applications, vet applicants by soliciting community feedback, and request approval by the Board of Directors before accepting new members.
  • Serve at least a one year term and to complete training as specified by FPCS
  • Sign the Confidentiality Policy for Conduct Committee Members
  • Be prepared to dedicate time as needed to Conduct Committee work if / when incidents arise. Such work may include reading and discussing reports, interviews, and Conduct Committee meetings


Volunteer for the Conduct Committee

We invite community members to take part in the important work of keeping our community safer by serving for a year-long term on the Conduct Committee. Email us to express your interest and we’ll be in touch soon!