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R.I.D.E. FirePony


Radical Inclusion, Diversity, Equity at FirePony

FirePony Creative Society values you for who you are and the diverse experiences, perspectives and talents of our community members. Radical Inclusion the fabric and culture with which we weave our events and community.

R.I.D.E. FirePony has a goal of increasing diversity in the community by creating a more inclusive experience for our participants and leaders and we need YOU to make that happen!

You can sign up to join the committee or just let us hear your thoughts and ideas. 

R.I.D.E. Resources

Here you can find information on educational materials, black & minority owned businesses, pointers on how to get involved, financial donation opportunities, and more.  While we have just started page, we look forward to growing it into a comprehensive resource. If you would like to get involved as a curator or add entries, please reach out to R.I.D.E. at

Written Resources
Black Revolutionary Readings
PDF Books on Policing
Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community

Anti-Racism Re
Disparities in Seeking Substance Assistance


2020 Intro to Racism and White Privilege Webinar Course  
Barriers to EQUITY: Systemic Racism – August 13 5PM EDT
KEYNOTE: Teaching for Equity and Justice: A Conversation with Linda Darling-Hammond
What is White Privilege Really?
Let’s Talk! Discussing Black Lives Matter 

Music and Musicians 

How to get Involved
DMV Protest Resources

Supporting Justice Efforts
Bail funds

Police Brutality

Recovery Efforts

Supporting Businesses
National Minority Owned Business Directories:
Minority Business Directory
Support Black Owned
LGBTQIA Supportive Business Directory
Shoppe Black
Official Black Wallstreet Directory
National Black Owned Restaurant Directory 
LGBTQIA Supportive Business Directory
Black and POC Owned Bookstore Directory
Black Search Engine

The resources below are bookstores:
The Key Bookstore
Burgundy Books 

Mahogany Books
Loyalty Bookstore

MeJah Books Inc

Wisdom Book Center
Red Emma’s 

The Little BoHo Bookshop 

The Lit Bar
Sisters Uptown Bookstore
Bureau of General Services Queer Division 

The Tiny Bookstore
Harriet’s Bookshop
Books & Stuff
Hakim’s Bookstore
Giovanni’s Room & Philly AIDS Thrift 

Books and Crannies
Harambee Books 
House of Consciousness 
Positive Vibes